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The Light & Life of Shobha

The Light & Life of Shobha

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"She really embodied life!"

"She was an energetic, bubbly and happy soul - and she was an entertainer to the core. We will miss her a lot.

I will always remember her as the young and vibrant woman she always was."

"She was a vibrant, vivacious, health-conscious person, and a fitness fanatic. And, of course, led all those trips to various mountains. She was vehemently opinionated and yet eminently affable. No mountain was tall enough for her. I think I used to give her heartache when I used to bring unhealthy snacks to your house:-)"

"I have such fond memories of Shobha from our 10k training...full of life regaling us all with stories."

"We always appreciated being invited to the Reddy house for visits and conversation and enjoying

Shobha's superb cooking. I recall a period of time when we were invited for weekly viewings of movies.

I had brought "Philadelphia Story", a classic American film with two inter-twined love stories.

Shobha watched briefly with us and then left for other matters. Later, she explained that yes, she'd seen this kind of story already: the man, the woman, they get apart, then back together...yes, she'd seen it all before!

All explained in her typically rapid-fire manner of conversation."

"Your mom truly radiated so much energy and was so inspirational.

I am honored to have known her and call her my friend"

"I first met Shobha in Athens when she ran the marathon. Since then, I remember her as a fun loving person, for her competitiveness and the delicious yet healthy food she would serve."

"We can only remember her as the feisty, lively soul who brought fitness and a smile to my face"

"Your mother inspired her generation of women to work out and reclaim their youth."

"Your mom defied all odds with her will to fight to be with you all for as long as she could through sheer determination, energy and love. Her passing on from this life yesterday coincided with Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)

in India, which in Sanskrit literally means celebrating a family bond of protection and care.

A very auspicious day for your mom to transition and a fitting tribute to her life."

"She has been an epitome of strength, fortitude and will power all thru our knowing her.

To mix all that with a zest for life and joy"

"Shobha was a true friend and brought life to any gathering. Her liveliness, wit and energy will be missed immensely."

"Shobha is a revolution. She is my mentor, my friend and my spiritual guide. She taught me perseverance.. Because she can do so much, she can bring hearts together, she mobilizes people. Shobha is beautiful inside out.

Let us all carry her, let us march with her spirit and energy. Live life fully the way she did."

"Your mom was the best in uplifting my spirit!"

"She was certainly the life of the party and I will always remember her laughing and making a joke -

how could anybody forget her!"

"My memory of Shobha Reddy will always be this. She would walk into a room in a stunning outfit which only she could pull of with so much style and confidence. There she stood milling about, smiling and hugging all those whose health she had changed for the better in some small way. Everyone knew her.

She had become well-known for her classes and her training and all those she had sculpted were now her ambassadors. And she had many of them. I attended a few sessions with her but the squats she made

me do was so hard that I preferred to stay home, eat idlis and just walk around the block.

She berated me a few times for not following through on her recommendations, of course.

Even though I did not go back to her because I had begun long stints in India,

I know that her insistence on exercise and diet control have stayed with me.

My daily regimen of a 40 minute aerobic drill followed by a few weights is certainly thanks to her."

"It's her grace and all the giving that she gave to the family

as well as to the world that let her have the world be there for her."

"We will always remember Shobha as a dynamic, energetic and cheerful friend."

"She was so full of energy and livened up a room the minute she walked in.

I have such fond memories, where she taught us so many dance moves.

We simply couldn’t keep up with her energy and charm and she definitely was the audience’s favorite."

"I will miss my funny, talented, loving friend, very much."

"Shobha came into this world to be a guiding light for others. She accomplished this with aplomb in her brief life."

"What a vibrancy she exuded all the time! What a spirit she had and enthusiasm for life!"

"She was an open book. A truly amazing spirit."

"There were no two people on earth like her.

I will never forget how in spite of her illness she gave me meditation lessons in the 1st year of her diagnosis."

"The vibrancy of her spirit and the tenacity of her liveliness remain with us as we think fondly of all of our interactions with her."

"Shobha was very special to the South Asian Heart Center and its mission and played a huge role

in helping us create a healthier community. For that we are immensely indebted to her.

She worked with our participants one on one and touched so many lives."

"Tears of sadness as I miss Shobha, a friend and fellow health enthusiast; someone I loved for her childlike curious and can do approach to life; someone I respected for her deep beliefs and strong convictions."

"Shobha touched so many lives in the most positive way."

"She is always going to be remembered. She has a very special place in our hearts."

"Her achievements in life at such a young age were amazing and who ever came close to her only benefited

from her. She knew only to give and that quality is very rare. I will always remember

her smiling face and pushing me to do what I never thought I could do."

"Her lovely voice and upbeat mannerisms ringing in my mind. She certainly put her handprint on the earth."

"We will always cherish memories that always had a smile on her face and her contagious energetic attitude."

"She was cheerful, enthusiastic, vibrant and full of energy and that’s how

I will remember her for the rest of my life."

"I met Shobha a couple of times, the energetic and enthusiastic person that she was- felt it every time I met her. Once at your home, she described to me how she loved motorbikes. On another occasion she described to me the hiking experience...That day in the party at another colleague’s house she said I should eat and come so I won’t overindulge.. I always think of her as a fit person who could talk endlessly"

"Shobha was a wonderful woman, a person that brought joy to so many people,

made fitness so much fun, showed us friendship is real with her heart."

"Your darling Mom was, to the hundreds of women like me, a mentor and a model of how to lead a healthy, wholesome and meaningful life! My heart is grieving her will so many today....

There was NO ONE like her and will never be..."

"We still think of your mom as a fighter full of laughter."

"Your mom and I got to know each other through other friends and immediately hit it off.

Loved her spunk and style."

"She always looked amazing and had a spirit that matched her vibrant personality. She loved to dance"

"She was the most positive force in any room, and could make anyone smile."

"She was such a warm, happy, connected person that it was always a joy and a delight to be in her company."

"Shobha struck me as a force of nature. She was so dynamic and and had so much force of personality that she blew me away. She spoke nonstop and I could only watch in awe as she made everyone around her feel included and so comfortable. She seemed to be a person living fully in the present and appreciating every day to the fullest.

I met her over the years and she was always as beautiful and charming and warm as the first time I met her. She seemed to live a full and happy life doing all the things she loved and being around the people she cared about most. When we visited with you last year, Shobha was so kind and offered to help me get started on meditation and had advice on exercise as well. It seems that helping others was what gave her so much joy."

"One of the strongest ladies I have ever had the pleasure to meet."

"She used to be so jovial, joking, jubilant, and close with all of us"

"I am glad to have met your mother; her light and energy was so apparent and just shown from her.

I love how I even got a sense of her before I met her, as you always showed up to events

looking fabulous in her clothes and jewelry."

"Shobha was an amazing and a very unique person, with a warm and giving heart-

someone who always wanted to make a difference in each one’s lives."

"Your mom was wonderful, kind, and someone who always made you smile as soon as you walked into the room."

"I remember her as a simple hearted straight shooting person. "What you see is what you get".."

"I will always remember your mom to be smiling every time I saw her in clinic.

"Your mom is so talented in so many ways. When I think about her, I can feel her presence. Beautiful, energetic, naughty Shobha my friend."

"Such a vibrant, fun loving Shobha as we all remember her.

We know Shobha as cheerful , person with full of energy and love for people. She was a real fighter."

"We always remember her as happy, energetic and gregarious with a smile always."

"She was down to earth and also lived on a high spiritual plane at the same time. She was so multi-talented

and a keen and wise observer of people, the world and life in general. Shobha was an inspiring role model of fitness. She touched the lives of so many people and had a huge positive impact on one and all that knew her

and she lifted everyone’s spirits with her infectious laughter. She was a million watt bulb that brightens any room she walked into. Like a dynamo, she raised the energy level of everyone around her.

I have so many fond memories of the innumerable conversations during our hikes together over the years. I felt better after every hike with her and after every conversation with her. The trek to Annapurna Base Camp in 2008 with you Gopi and Shobha was the most memorable hike for me."

"To me Shobha was a brave, strong and gorgeous woman, beautiful inside and out.

I will always remember her like that"

"Your mom had a refreshing spirit. I'll always remember her sassy and witty remarks."

"Shobha was such a motivator, pushed me hard in classes,

taught me spinning and how to answer nature’s call in the middle of the night, in the woods.

I can never forget how much we laughed through our car ride and walking during our ILP relay at night!"

"my friend, my trainer, my savior"

"I remembered my training sessions with Shobha; they were such good times."

"She helped me recover from some fencing injuries by helping me develop my flexibility and muscle strength, even after her diagnosis. She was so outgoing and personable, she could fill the time so easily with her stories and insights, even though she didn't have to."

"Dearest Shobha,

Your passing has left the world a sadder place. I know you are free of suffering and you fought a courageous battle,

but I will miss you every day. Your laughter will ring in my ears and the memory of your sage pronouncements

will get a chuckle out of me always. We ran marathons, hiked up the Himalayas, wore out Rancho San Antonio with our weekly pounding, raced up and down Parker Ranch and tried yet another way to challenge ourselves. All this was possible only because of your determination and your drive. I could do it only because you talked and entertained me continuously. There was precious little that we did not share together, our conversations will forever be sweet memories for me. You loved life, lived to the fullest, filled your family and friends’ lives with love and laughter. I feel truly blessed to have known you and to have loved you as a sister. Of all the things about you - the food you cooked, stories you narrated, the parties you hosted, the fitness and nutrition advice you so ready shared - what I will miss most about you are your rich full-throated laughter and your million dollar smile. Now that you are free of human miseries, may you eat all the pani-puris and sevai-ka-zardas up there in your heavenly abode, may you glide up the hills, may you never put on an inch of weight, may you laugh, joke and poke fun at everyone up there! And, my friend, when you watch me, from above, huffing and puffing up the hill,

do remember your words, “The hill on Continental Circle never gets easier,” and cut me some slack!"

"Dear Shobha, this is how I will remember you - my fun and loving trekking partner who regaled me

non-stop with her stories for long stretches in the Himalayas and was a source of great caring and strength

when I was injured soon after I took this photo. You are really my sister's friend but you treated me like a close friend and brother. You were always so full of life that it is hard to believe that you are gone!"

"When I think of Shobha Aunty I think of a permanent smile on her face. Her upbeat disposition always

filled the room with energy and excitement. She was always passionately describing some new person, exercise,

or food that recently made her life better. She struck me as someone who saw the world through a unique lens.

While she’s gone, she’s most certainly left large footprints for all to remember her by."

"Shobha - i will miss you. Not a day passes when i do not think of you while walking the dish.

Even the other day larry was asking about you."

"I remember her excitement when she figured out the right motivation for someone to get fit,

her pride in her fitness equipment and her joy in life."

"Among other things you have mentioned in my eyes she was feisty competitor

which helped her fight GBM for this long. She will always live in our memory for years to come."

"Dear Shobha, you touched my life in so many ways. You taught me discipline to work out. You gave leeway to make room for my laziness. You made me laugh whenever I was with you. You were generous in every way. And you have now taught us all what courage means to face life. You have left an indelible mark in my life and I will always cherish our memories."

"Dearest Shobha The world just became different for me."

"Shobha is an inspiration to us all, in life and after. From her stories of becoming agile by running after chicken in her childhood home, to stories of how she became a personal trainer at a time few Indian women did, to her amazingly positive attitude, everything about her radiated a strong, resilient woman! I remember how she refused to give up with your digestive issues, researching and brainstorming and buying flour from Canada and experimenting with recipes that we would dubiously taste-test! I have so many memories, and all of them end with Shobha laughing and finding a positive spin to put on the situation."

"My dear Shobha Reddy you were smart, fit, gorgeous, and talented, and you made me laugh so hard.

You encouraged me to do weights but alas, I was your worst student. I don’t know how I was able to convince you

to teach me cooking instead! You were a great friend who gave and gave. And I remember our fun times, but also your hurts. Even when I used to come to see you during you valiant battle, you always managed to bring up our inside jokes. You fought longer and harder than most, and you are free at last."

"Shobha, you have touched many lives, we will miss you."

"Shobha! I have a big void in my life that can never be replaced. You have made a great impact in my life that I will always hold onto and cherish for the rest of my life and to many others. You are my True legend! I am missing you! We all are grateful for the laughter, workouts and all the chit chats we had! There is a void which is irreplaceable ! We Love you !"

"Shobha was the life of the party. She joined us at INK in India a few times and made sure that she dressed the part and danced till late. No matter how old we get, we are never ready for our friends and family to leave us.

It's always hard to say goodbye. The only solace I feel is in the fact that Shobha chose her freedom on her own terms, fighting till her last breath, joking till her last moment and surrounded by family and friends."

"Will miss your larger than life presence, your laughter and positive outlook."

"I will miss my dear friend and the joy and vibrancy she brought to every room she entered."

"I am so saddened by this news of one of the most energetic, larger than life people

who brought smiles & faces of agony as she pushed us to do just a little more (while exercising).

I started just recently some of the exercises she encouraged me to do. She was a very special person."

"What an amazing lady! I got into fitness because of her and she trained me for a couple of years.

She was constantly cracking jokes and we would laugh so much.

Shobha - You were a shining Star on earth and will be a shining star in heaven"

"Your mom was a warrior, an inspiration, and a role model.

And she was all of this with the grace of a beautiful queen."

"Shobha is such a vibrant, joyful and courageous person. We are grateful to Almighty for letting Shobha come into our lives, making her presence and loving us and being there for us. We fondly remember and cherish our memories of her.

"It is an irreplaceable loss. Losing Shobha is like losing

a motivator, inspiratory friend, and lovely human being with a beautiful soul."

"Shobha will be missed a lot as she was the life of our group."

"Can’t forget the training sessions with her filled with laughter and chatter!

She was so full of life motivating others"

"Shobha will always be in our hearts, she has already made a difference in so many of our lives,

What a great asset she was to our community!"

"Your mother Shobha Reddy was such an inspiration to many of us. Very charming and energetic person."

"Will miss her wonderful personality and her gorgeous smile!"

"We will miss Aunty’s jovial self and her art of lightning everything up. I still remember

my birthday that we celebrated together back in 2011. Her jokes and laughter will never leave us."

"I will remember Shobha most for the fun, energetic, inspiring person she was."

"You will remain forever in my heart as the lively, funny and kind soul that you showed us all how to be."

"Shobha you have been an inspiration in my life . Friend meditator and trainer. Your bond with me and my family along with persimmons in fall is unparalleled. You are in our hearts forever so I am not saying goodbye.

Just going to say see you later"

"You were the joy, laughter, and brightest spirit in the room."

"We will miss her easy to smile, energy and vivacious personality. Her can do attitude was to be admired."

"She was such an inspiration and was a great motivator and loved your training sessions

which was filled with fun and laughter too, along with butt kicking workout. Will miss you and your energy."

"Knew Shobha briefly and yet still remember her jokes and sense of humor."

"Her sparkling smile and zest for life was truly inspirational and we will miss her dearly.

It is hard to believe she is no longer with us , but she has suffered a lot and fought like a warrior -

May she Rest In Peace ! She has touched so many lives her short life and has left a legacy behind !"

"We will always remember Shobha’s kind supportive words and sweet smile!"

"Really miss your Mom, she always brought so much joy and zest for life and really helped me through my down moments."

"Your mom was my meditation trainer as well as fitness trainer. She was an extremely cheerful and witty human being. I admired her courage and ability to communicate candidly and transparently. When my husband and I struggled with fitness, she always insisted that we never give up, and emphasized the importance of a healthy low-carb diet. We saw significant improvements in our health and energy levels once we made these lifestyle changes."

"She was such a lively person with unbounded energy."

"Once, when my five year old accompanied me for one of the fitness sessions, she taught the little one how to exercise with 1-2 lb weights :), while I did larger ones. My five year old was thrilled and still remembers this!

While we miss her physical presence, her upbeat, can-do spirit, 

and "never give up" attitude will continue to remain with us and inspire us forever."

"She was such a beautiful soul who touched so many hearts."

"Your mom will really missed, especially her energy level. I have fond memories of her during hikes,

especially the big White Mountain trek around four years ago."


"Shobha was a delight to be around. My closest moments with her was for a Dance prep for a wedding:

She was a ray of hope & sunshine to everyone around her."

"Shobha Aunty’s resilience and life force is an inspiration."

"Even though I have met Shobha only a couple of times, more than a decade ago, I still remember her outgoing, full-of-life attitude and her beautiful smile."

"Shobha Aunty was such a beautiful person and this world won't be the same without her."

"You are greatly missed in your human existence. Such a Wonder Woman of liveliness, motivation , joy and fun... your presence brought joy wherever you stepped in.... Thanks for being who you were and your legacy continues"

"Shobha was someone I admired and liked a lot - her spirit was amazing,

I will miss her. May she reach the highest level of peace!"

"You have lived your life very healthy and active. I sincerely hope all your efforts to find cure for glioblastoma will be fruitful soon!"

"That is how all of us will remember Shobha. Fun-loving, social, and knowing everyone."

"She was a grand woman. We too will miss her!"

"She was an amazing person to know. Even though our training sessions were group sessions she ensured she looked into each and every individuals capabilities and needs. It never felt like training sessions. Her continuous conversations ensured that none of us felt like we were undergoing any kind of training. She would discuss on variety of topics (treks, parties, cooking). She always discussed  about her plans to various treks that she would take and how things went.

Our relationship grew beyond just training. We were bridge partners. Some of us who wanted to learn bridge decided to meet at your place on a regular basis to learn the game. She would ensure we had some good tea and snacks. Had many opportunities to eat some of her home cooked snacks.

I lost a good trainer, bridge partner and overall a friend, who had helped me become a more healthy person.​"

"We are all for the better having known Shobha.  Her light stays on with us. For me personally, she made a big difference when I was in a tough period of my life. I think of the chats with her sitting on the benchpress in the sun after the workout. And so much that I know and do, due to her telling me. We will carry on, her spirit."

"Your mom was the best!!!"

"Shobha was a role-model for all of us with so much of energy and she always used to be a motivational person for all of us in fitness or otherwise."

"We all felt closer to Shoba as we were walking and sharing the experiences we had with her. She was a force to reckon with and an inspiration to many!!"

"She was simply unique and can not be replaced and she touched so many lives!"

"Helping others and better their lives in whatever way she can and with a smile on the face always"

"Last night I watched Bahuballi 2, I remembered Shobha. She had introduced me to Bahuballi 1. Sent me the link and made sure I watched it for its beautiful sets."

"I have lost a dear friend. Her lively presence will be sorely missed. I was recalling my initial days with her as a newly married woman when she came to me for sittings and what a lovely transformation I witnessed over the years."

"I truly believe that the measure of an individual is the strength of their character. You and your mom exhibited such fortitude and strength I have no words to express my esteem for you both."

"I am sure a good percentage of our dedicated volunteers are a result of her coaching and tutelage. I for one shall always try to emulate her spirit of life and liveliness in anything undertaken."


"Shobha will always be in our hearts." 

"She has left a beautiful legacy behind and people brought together by her that remember and miss her. She cared and truly enriched our lives. May God bless her!"

"I miss her smile and the energy she brought to every situation."

"I remember practicing with her for a sangeeth like it was yesterday. Although some of us mixed up the steps so royaly she continued to encourage us and repeated the steps with so much patience until we mastered it. She is a true inspiration to so many of us, in so many ways. You’re truly blessed to have her as your mother." 

"She was truly our special friend and we love her so much."

"She was such a beautiful vibrant person.

Loved her.

Cherish that you have such a special mom."

"Your mother was a very special person, and her legacy is remarkable, and will be remembered."

"Her beautiful memory will always stay in your hearts."

"Shobha was our first fitness guru. We always remember her instructions and motivating conversations. I just did some workout in my backyard and thinking of her."

"We do miss her bubbly self!"


"I still wonder that Shobha was a pioneer among the Indian ladies especially coming from the south starting a fitness center here in USA giving an empathetic setting to fellow Indian ladies like me who may be shy or uncomfortable working out in other settings. 


We think of her so often. Her charisma and dedication to holistic fitness is very unique (we had so many trainers) and this morning in fact we were thinking that Shobha is an outlier among all the trainers we have met so far." 


"I was walking at Shoreline today and remembering your mom. Her dedication to all of us, her passion and her sense of humor. We used to train at Shoreline for a half marathon."


"As your mom would love , I do take time to walk/jog/hike and I am sending you this morning Sun.  I felt Shobha’s spirit as bright as the morning Sun."

"We will always remember her as a friendly, vibrant and a vivacious person. We miss her very much."

"Shobha aunty was always full of life and energy, a wonderful person and I remember the last time we met aunty at the wedding here. We had great moments and really glad that I too was a part of the skit that aunty choreographed and will cherish those memories forever."

"Your mom was a true joy to be with. My memories of her are filled with jokes and laughter and her quick retort. I will forever miss her."

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