Glioblastoma is often considered one of the deadliest cancers with an average survival of 14-18 months. After seeing several promising and innovative treatments, we believe there will be a cure for glioblastoma in this lifetime. 

Shobha fought courageously for three years, beating the odds, and teaching fitness and meditation the first two years. She had five brain surgeries, rounds of radiation, experimental chemos, immunotherapy, alternative treatments, dietary changes, dozens of road trips to her hospital in LA, and probably a million pokes - she is the very definition of a survivor and warrior. 

After losing the ability to walk and communicate clearly, she still managed to entertain everyone in the room, in classic Shobha fashion. Just weeks before passing, she was smiling and making funny faces for the camera.​ It brought her comfort to know that she could be helping others through her experience. We hope to fulfill that wish and raise awareness to help others.

Here is an article about GBM and Shobha's experience


Caregiver tips

- Always ask for multiple copies of the MRI scan. Request the front desk when you are checking in to the MRI, so that the CDs can be burned immediately after the scan, and you can take them home on the same day, and mail out to different hospitals to screen for clinical trials, if needed. Find out the addresses ahead of time, and keep pre-addressed envelopes with you to save time.

- Get in touch with the hospital social worker early, so that your loved one can go on permanent disability if eligible, and for other resources. Check with your HR department to see what help is available, including FMLA (6 weeks leave).

- Ask your doctor to help apply for a disability placard for your car.

- Employ fall prevention techniques at home early on, including avoiding stairs for your loved one. Falls, and seizures, can be unexpected and random due to brain swelling or tumor location.

- Rely on friends and family. Sometimes it is difficult for people to know what to say and do. Here are some tips you can share with friends and family.

Glio the Penguin travels the world to raise glioblastoma awareness and funds for brain cancer research @reddi2workout